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LIFE PROOF: VISUAL SELPHI makes the physical presence of the worker necessary at the time of identification.

REPORTS: Obtain reports of personnel and work carried out.

CREWS: Manage your crews quickly and safely.

IRREGULAR HIRING: Avoid irregular hiring and identity theft.

TEMPORARY WORKERS: Take care of hiring temporary workers.

DATA: Capture data in a digitally way.

What is facial biometric recognition?

We promote facial recognition biometrics, scientific technology capable of identifying individuals based on their biological features, thinking about future, needing of the world’s advances in a global pandemic context.

Biometry through facial recognition is a highly advanced technology in terms of user experience and security levels. This recognition works through contactless technology, which allows superior possibilities to touch technology, allowing the care of people and the hiring process, respecting distances, organising tasks, schedules and avoiding duplication of identity.

This latest generation technology is here to stay.

Automatic workers identification

Facial biometry reaches the user in a simple way to provide greater security in the recruitment field processes.

The user will take a photo of each worker, which will extract the main facial characteristics of the individual, converting them into a digital pattern registered on Visual Delphi platform. 

The first time the process is carried out, a biometric record that allows future comparisons between other patterns and identifies the person in the photo is created.

Visual Selphi achieves an automatic and reliable data capture, provided by Selphi® technology, validated by large clients in a sector as demanding as banking: Caixabank, HSBC, ICBC, among others.

Selphi compares 16.000 face points achieving a 99,998% hit rate

Take a selfie

Biometric pattern extraction

Pattern sending

Pattern record (First time)

Standard comparison with database (next times)

Incorporate facial biometrics in your day to day